Portl Raises Seed Funding from Kalaari Capital

Indraneel Gupta and Vishal Chandapeta
Indraneel Gupta and Vishal Chandapeta

Portl, a Hyderabad, India-based home fitness & wellness startup, raised seed funding from Kalaari Capital.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The funds raised will be utilized to grow the team across hardware, engineering and AI domains and expand the sales and marketing efforts for the Portl range of products in India.

Founded in March 2021, by second time co-founder-entrepreneurs Indraneel Gupta and Vishal Chandapeta, Portl is a fully Integrated, multi-Functional, smart fitness & health system combining fitness, technology, and media. The company has developed two products built using the proprietary Portl Smart Mirror platform that provides a wide range of personalised workouts, nutrition and mental wellness programmes.

They are The Portl Mirror and the Portl Pro. Both devices use advanced AI to provide Real-time Exercise Form Analysis and correction feedback to ensure that each exercise is performed with the correct technique and helps prevent injuries.

Portl Mirror is an Intelligent Mirror with a 43″ 4K Screen, embedded Bio-Sensors, HD Cameras, edge-AI Processing with Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity, it is capable of delivering on-demand & personalized Fitness & Wellness Solutions across multiple workout formats with real-time form feedback, health monitoring and tele-medicine integrations for a holistic consumer experience. Weighing just 40 Kgs, this can be Wall mounted or Floor Standing occupying minimal space and its highly aesthetic design makes it a multi-functional device for the entire household.

Portl Pro is an Intelligent Mirror with a 32″ Screen equipped with embedded proprietary digital weight mechanism, and all the other features of the Portl Mirror. It facilitates resistance workouts without the need for any other equipment. The Portl Pro delivers over 100Kg of electronic resistance across both cable arms enabling multiple resistance movements and strength building exercises.  

With a focus on holistic health improvement, Portl products come equipped with bio-sensors that monitor a wide range of health metrics at home including ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose etc., and forms the basis for a highly personalized wellness programme.

Consumers also get access to personalized programs with live classes and guided workouts, along with gamified content that creates an engaging and social experience. The products are expected to be available for consumers later this year.