Laevoroc Oncology Raises Over USD 1.1M in Seed Funding


Laevoroc Oncology (formerly known as TNT-Medical Corporation), a Zug, Switzerland-based oncology development group of companies, raised over USD 1.1m in seed funding.

The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach.

Founded in 2019 by Thomas Mehrling MD PhD, and Davide Guggi PhD, Laevoroc Oncology is an oncology development group of companies, pursuing an asset-centric business model with three subsidiaries (chemotherapy, immunology and neuro-oncology) covering a pipeline that spans breakthrough innovation through to re-imagining approved therapies.

The company, which is actively raising Series A financing for each of its subsidiaries, also acquired worldwide patents (excluding China) for an oral prodrug form of gemcitabine, one of the most important chemotherapy agents worldwide.

The three subsidiaries are:

  • Laevoroc Chemotherapy, which is progressing LR 06 (a patented oral gemcitabine prodrug for maintenance therapy in pancreatic, ovarian and breast cancers);
  • Laevoroc Immunology, which is progressing LR09 (for treating relapse of leukemia following bone marrow transplantation) and
  • a third subsidiary, which will be the core of the company and within which Laevoroc is building a pipeline of innovative drugs addressing brain cancers, including LR02, a first in class central nervous system ATR inhibitor.