Flowcast Raises Additional $3M in Funding


Flowcast, a San Francisco, CA-based fintech startup that provides AI solutions for credit and collection, raised $3m in funding.

ING is making the investment.

Founded in 2015 by Ken So, CEO, Flowcast leverages its patented machine learning methodologies to create predictive models for financial institutions that assess risk and enable lenders to automatically optimize credit offerings and continually manage changing risk within their portfolio. In 2020 the company launched Tillful, a consumer-facing platform which utilizes the same core technologies to provide fast, free, and transparent credit scores, and access to credit, to every small and midsize business in the United States.

Flowcast, which is also backed by BitRock Capital, and Katalyst Ventures, also announced a pilot of a platform that enables global financial institutions to predict which of its borrowers are likely to fall behind on loan payments, allowing it to take preventive and proactive measures.