Skymind Unveils First cohort of Startups from $800M Fund


Skymind, a London UK-based open-source enterprise deep-learning software company, announced the first cohort of investments from its $800m AI fund.

The cohort comprise six startups that use AI to enhance the performance of different industries and sectors across the globe, from farming and medicine to policing and education.

These investments include:

  • Nexent, a full service business intelligence dashboard provider.
  •, an AI marketplace that focuses on delivering non-invasive plug and play AI modules for businesses that integrate with SAAS and PAAS, making AI adoption instant. 
  • Terra Sentinel, an AI consultancy that offers tailored AI innovations that can help create smart urban centres and sustainable, green cities.
  • CertifAI, a provider of AI education with the aim to empower society with practical AI capabilities.
  • Farmetrix, a provider of AI solutions for the agricultural sector, helping farmers to improve their efficiency in plantation management and offering alternatives to environmentally hostile farming practises.
  • Skyfense, a provider of AI innovation to keep citizens safe and to improve policing.

Skymind’s AI fund backs promising new AI companies, training and academic research. The team plans to invest in more companies in 2021, particularly across Europe and specifically in the UK.

Led by Shawn Tan, CEO, Skymind is an open-source enterprise deep-learning software company and a dedicated AI ecosystem builder, enabling companies and organisations to launch their AI applications and bring their business cases to life.  The company provides clients with supported access to Eclipse Deeplearning4j and other open source tools as well as global capital funding and talent development. 

Skymind  is headquartered in London, UK, with offices across Asia and Europe.