Scale AI Raises $155M in Funding; Valued at Over $3.5 Billion Post-Money

Scale AI

Scale AI, a San Francisco, California-based data platform for AI, raised $155M in new funding.

The round, led by Tiger Global, was closed at a valuation of over $3.5B post-money.

The company plans to use the funds to accelerate the development of its AI platform and develop new products to serve its customers like OpenAI, DoorDash, Pinterest, General Motors, NVIDIA, Nuro, and Toyota. 

Scale also announced the acquisition of Helia AI, a 3-person AI startup that brings deep experience in computer vision and neural network training infrastructure. The former Helia team will be joining to support Scale’s platform product, Scale Nucleus, a mission control center for data that allows entire teams to collaborate on the AI development cycle.

Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping machine learning teams generate high-quality ground data. Its advanced LiDAR, image, video and NLP annotation APIs allow machine learning teams at companies like OpenAI, Lyft, Pinterest, and Airbnb focus on building differentiated models vs. labeling data.

In details, their APIs include:

• Sensor Fusion – the first solution in the market to provide annotation for LiDAR/RADAR/Camera data

• Semantic Segmentation

• 2D Bounding Boxes/Polygons

• Video

• Lines & Splines

• Keypoints

• Data categorization

• Named Entity Recognition

• OCR Transcription

The company was founded by Alexandr Wang, an MIT college dropout, national programming competitor and former engineering lead at Quora. After being a teenage tech lead at Quora, Wang founded Scale, becoming the youngest founder funded by Accel as a teenager, was recognized as Forbes 30 under 30, and is a frequent speaker at conferences including Auto AI and API Mixtape.



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