Heru Raises $1.7M in Seed Funding


Heru, a Mexico City-based startup that provides of a comprehensive digital worker service platform in Mexico, raised a $1.7m in pre-seed venture financing.

The round was led by Mountain Nazca with participation from Flourish Ventures, YCombinator, Magma Partners, Xtraordinary Venture Partners and angel investors Jason Evans, Nicolas Girard and Alejandro Galvez.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the team, continue building B2B2C partnerships with key gig-work-based platforms in Mexico, and develop Heru digital services so they can reach a broader audience.

Founded by Mateo Jaramillo and Stiven Rodriguez, Heru provides an app that allows independent contractors to find access to tailored insurance policies, working capital and credit, tax-declaration products, financial guidance, cell phone data plans and more. 

The company is also signing new partnerships including one with UberEats to sign up its Loyalty Program partners in the app so they can have discounted access to the Heru Casas and the rest of the services.

In six months, Heru has attracted more than 19,000 registered users to its service platform.



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