Dash Systems Raises $8M in Seed Funding

Dash Systems

Dash Systems, a Los Angeles, CA-based technology company developing hardware and software to enable precision airdrop deliveries, raised $8m in Seed funding.

The round was led by 8VC with participation from Tusk Venture Partners, Loup Ventures, Trust Ventures, Perot Jain, and MiLA Capital.

The company will use the funding to:

  • Develop and refine aerial delivery technology
  • Partner and expand into commercial uses for rural locations
  • Train aviation partners to safely and precisely launch cargo to all parts of the world
  • Expand partnerships with U.S. government entities to deliver cargo to rural parts of the world.

Led by Joel Ifill, CEO and Founder, Dash Systems is developing  technology and hardware that allow for precision airdrop deliveries to rural, remote and difficult to reach locations without the need for landing. Instead of having to land at an airport and drive cargo to its destination, the company allows retailers, package delivery companies, and emergency management organizations to autonomously release and land packages from commercial aircraft to helipad-size areas. The system leverages three parts: flight management software, automated aircraft cargo handling systems and the smart-cargo pods that allow for precise and soft landings of packages.

The company has been actively working with the Air Force Special Operations Command to develop a hyper-accurate airdrop tool for small payload deliveries and plans to launch pilot operations in rural Alaska next year.



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