Uqora Experiences Rapid Growth Tackling Urinary Health with Innovative Solutions and Research


Uqora, a leader in urinary tract health products, has grown rapidly as a leading biotechnology company.

Since its founding in 2017, Uqora has been at the forefront of urinary health research, developing products for proactive urinary tract health and UTI relief. he company is on track for continued growth in 2020 with ongoing clinical trials and another product expansion under its belt. Uqora is steadfast in its vision for the future of urinary tract health, one that includes well-funded research that furthers the development of prevention methods and finds alternative treatments to help those suffering from vicious UTI cycles.

Urinary tract infections are one of the most common infections, with a lifetime incidence rate of 50-60% among adult women. Uqora has designed products that address UTIs both through proactive urinary tract health supplements as well as point-of-need products for active infections. In search of an end to her own cycle of recurring UTIs, founder Jenna Ryan along with her partner Spencer Gordon sought out urologists and physicians to develop Uqora’s effective, science-backed products. Today, Uqora has become an innovative biotech company helping lead urinary health research.

A Snapshot of Uqora’s Growth

Uqora has helped over 100,00 women struggling with UTIs since its launch three years ago. Uqora products are available only on Uqora.com, making its revenues 100% direct-to-consumer. Uqora products can be purchased individually or through a subscription. As a subscription-driven product, 70% of new customers purchase a subscription, and subscription renewals and purchases make up 80% of monthly revenues for the company. Having grown 14 times its size in 2018 and 5 times in 2019, the biotechnology company is set to grow almost 3 times as large in 2020.

Despite its quick growth, Uqora was initially started only with capital invested by the founders. Then, friends and family raised a small amount of capital which funded the company over the following 18 months. Uqora closed a seed round in Q4 of 2018. The company now has a strong growth trajectory and is profitable, but has yet to raise Series A funding. Uqora understands that its growth is attributed to strong customer service, outstanding retention rates, and effective products.

Uqora boasts over 5,00 five-star customer reviews, proving that their products have helped thousands of people find relief from a painful cycle of UTIs. Uqora products can be purchased individually or in kits. Due to the nature of UTI prevention, many sign up for Uqora subscriptions so that customers always have proactive supplements available. Because Uqora only sells its products directly from its own website, it makes the consumer experience a breeze. Users can take a short quiz to find out which products would best meet their needs, and all the product information is readily available on the site. This kind of transparency has contributed to a strong relationship between company and consumer which translates into high customer retention rates.

The Beginning: Early Funding Efforts

Uqora has come far since its inception. In 2014, Jenna Ryan struggled with recurrent UTIs that inspired her to find relief when no other methods were effective. Along with co-founder Spencer Gordon, whose background is in biochemistry, they teamed up with urologists to create a product that would bring effective urinary health solutions  to thousands.

With urinary tract infections being so ubiquitous, the demand for effective alternatives was there. Eventually, the company closed a round of seed funding in 2018.

New Growth Leads to Expanded Product Offerings

What began as one proactive care product  has grown to a line of three, along with UTI diagnostics and over-the-counter products that target active infections. The first product created was Target, a drink powder using D-mannose, a sugar commonly used in the prevention of UTIs, and other active ingredients to flush the urinary tract. After some success with the first product, Ryan surveyed existing customers and found many still needed a more proactive preventative measure to safeguard against recurrent UTIs. This led to the release of Uqora’s supplement pill, Control, taken daily to cleanse biofilm from the urinary tract. The third product introduced was Promote, a vaginal probiotic.

Uqora now offers a 3-step proactive urinary tract supplement system to help maintain urinary health. Earlier this year, Uqora launched three UTI relief products aimed at addressing concerns for those with active UTIs. These products include diagnostic test strips so users can conclude  if they have a UTI, and two over-the-counter products for pain relief and infection control. The introduction of these three new products means Uqora products now tackle urinary tract infections end-to-end. Customers can turn to Uqora for a proactive approach to urinary health , as well as diagnostics and symptom relief so that they’re more prepared when visiting their health care provider for UTI treatment. Over the last three years, Uqora has grown into a one-stop-shop for Urinary tract health,, UTI diagnostics, and relief.

Growth in Research, Clinical Trials

Aside from expanding their product offerings, Uqora’s growth in funding has enabled the company to launch several  clinical trials. These clinical trials with research groups Hawthorne Effect and the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates Urology Clinic will test the efficacy of Uqora’s products. Both clinical trials will expand research for women’s urinary tract health, as well as help Uqora improve their product offering, ensuring customers have the best preventative UTI products available. Uqora has used its growth to further its mission to provide innovative and effective alternative solutions for those who suffer from recurring UTIs.

The Hawthorne Effect clinical trial will take place over 180 days, with results available in the second half of 2020. The George Washington University clinical trial began in 2020 and will last 12 months. Both are randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies carried out by third-party labs, ensuring trustworthy results. Without Uqora’s revenue growth and profitability, such research would not be possible.

Development of Non-Antibiotic Treatment

UTIs are typically treated with antibiotics, despite the fact that the number of antibiotic-resistant UTIs has doubled in the last 10 years. According to the CDC, 30% of prescribed antibiotics are unnecessary. Antibiotic resistance can also lead to a cycle of recurring urinary tract infections. However, as public concern about antibiotic resistance begins to grow, many are in search of effective alternatives. With few answers outside of already established treatments, Uqora has been able to capture a market ripe for innovation. This has allowed the company to continue investing in research, testing its own products to ensure their effectiveness, and growing its product offerings.

Women’s urinary health issues have long been underfunded and under-researched. Ryan believes in the importance of contributing to scientific research involving women’s health issues. It is this belief that motivates Uqora’s founders to work towards creating options for those seeking UTI treatment alternatives. Ever the leading innovators in the urinary tract health space, Uqora is working to develop a new, non-antibiotic UTI treatment option for those seeking an alternative to traditional antibiotic remedies.

Uqora’s Innovative Future

Uqora’s impressive growth over the last three years has opened many avenues for the young company. By prioritizing excellent customer service and providing effective UTI solutions that lead to high customer retention rates, Uqora has been able to expand its line of products, make strides in urinary health research, and fund clinical trials. The company is also working to make innovative strides in alternative UTI treatment solutions that address antibiotic resistance. Uqora’s goal is to eventually develop an effective UTI treatment option that does not require the use of antibiotics.

Uqora began out of necessity when Ryan was trapped in a recurring and painful UTI cycle back in 2014. From that small founder and family funded venture, Uqora has grown into a breakthrough biotechnology company, investing funding dollars into women’s urinary health research and reimagining what it means to tackle urinary tract health in a field where such research is often overlooked and underfunded. As Uqora continues to grow, so will its reach and impact. Uqora has already helped over 100,000 people struggling with recurring UTI infections, and the company is still showing steady growth. Its emphasis on research and development, paired with a mission to bring effective proactive UTI prevention methods to all, makes Uqora a cutting-edge company to watch.

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