StuffThatWorks Raises $9M in Seed Funding


StuffThatWorks, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based patient community platform, raised $9M in seed funding.

Backers included Bessemer Venture Partners, 83North, and Ofek Ventures.

Founded by Yael Elish, Ron Held, and Yossi Synett, StuffThatWorks provides a patient community platform that harnesses crowdsourcing and AI technology to empower people to share their experiences in an organized way to discover which treatments work best and for whom.

Initially, no immediate information is available and the community focuses on inviting more people to share their experiences via sharing the survey. With only one hundred contributors, initial insights about the condition including age of onset, symptoms, aggravating factors and treatments can begin to be shared and browsed. At several hundred contributors, StuffThatWorks’ proprietary machine learning kicks in, and treatments can be ranked by level of effectiveness. Once thousands of people contribute, the system can predict the most effective treatments for both subgroups and individuals. The more people participate and contribute to the data quality and the community, the more points they accrue, and the greater their influence on what will be researched next.

There are already 110 condition communities open on the platform, with nearly 180,000 contributors sharing over 10 million shared data points and 150K experience-based content-rich pages all while in stealth mode. StuffThatWorks is collaborating with a limited number of researchers, medical organizations, and patient advocacy groups on Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) research.



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