AquaEye Closes $1.4M Funding


VodaSafe, the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based safety technology company behind a hand-held scanning sonar device for water-based search and rescue, raised $1.4M in seed financing.

The round was led by Vanedge with participation from BDC.

The company intends to use the funds to further expand the availability of its AquaEye® throughout Canada and the United States.

Led by Carlyn Loncaric, Founder and CEO, VodaSafe provides a hand-held sonar device, AquaEye®, which uses the latest ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies to provide groundbreaking water rescue response. AquaEye® is specifically designed to be portable, durable, and easy to use for emergency response teams to aid in the rescue and recovery of missing persons. AquaEye is providing technology to search and rescue teams, fire departments, police forces, summer camps and other water-related groups across North America. It is currently available through Barrier Waterman in the United States, and through the Lifesaving Society, or directly through VodaSafe, in Canada.



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