5 Top Learning Management Systems That Are Fit For Most Employee Training Needs


A learning management system is one of the most important parts of modern eLearning programs.

These tools are highly effective in smartly managing a course’s progress and tracking several metrics at the same time.

As a result, the process becomes dramatically easier for training managers and trainers.

But this can’t happen if the LMS that you choose isn’t right for your goals.

That’s why we are sharing a list of five top eLearning vendors offering LMS solutions that can meet most of your employee training needs.

1. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is one of the most learner-centric learning management systems, providing ready-to-go courses.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Absorb LMS can also help you create an eLearning course. However, if you deploy this tool, your learners will not necessarily have to wait for the course development to be finalized.

Basically, while your development team works to create an excellent eLearning course, your employees can learn from Absorb LMS’ pre-configured courses immediately.

Apart from that, this LMS also has a wide range of features that support seamless collaborative learning.

Plus, its Smart Administration module, easily automates workflows.

This means that managers just have to kickstart specific tasks so that they can have more time for other important tasks.

2. TalentLMS

One of the most popular learning management tools on the market, TalentLMS, offers unmatchable course management features.

Its primary features that attract most users are as follows:

  • Enables users to do everything from evaluating learners to monitoring their progress
  • Allows users to record training metrics
  • Easy web conferencing features

Apart from these, TalentLMS is also known for not having a large number of administrative tools.

However, its reporting and user permission features are highly customizable. So, if that’s a priority for your project, TalentLMS cuts it to be the tool for you.

Apart from this, if you don’t have enough time to create a course, TalentLMS has a marketplace where you can purchase a ready made course based on your needs.

3. Docebo

Coming with a modular interface, Docebo has always been standing apart from other learning management tools.

The LMS is perfect for companies that have a lot of scaling to do.

Basically, whether you are planning to scale up or down, Docebo LMS has all the features to entertain and comfortably implement most of your business’ changing needs.

Moving further, it’s an AI powered LMS that makes space for easy customization and qualified content curation.

4. Bridge LMS

Another tool on the list, Bridge LMS is a great choice for companies focusing on career development planning operations.

The LMS supports a variety of media formats, making space for interactive video learning. Also, the tool comes with some in-built authoring features that can make your training program more engaging and fun.

Apart from this, Bridge LMS lets trainers provide their learners with highly detailed assessment reports.

This becomes possible with its performance conversation reporting features.

5. SAP Litmos

Offering one of the most advanced sets of comprehensive reporting features, SAP Litmos is a great pick for a company that wants to generate real-time reports based on any specific metrics and performance indicators.

These features also make it easier to track a learner’s progress and overall performance.

And that’s not it. SAP Litmos also has an in-built messaging system that allows users to collaborate and communicate with others on the platform easily.

This feature helps managers and trainers make announcements regarding the respective program.

Final words

Choosing the right learning management system for your company is one of the essential steps of employee training.

In this post, we shared a list of five top LMS for the most popular eLearning vendors. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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