Outrider Raises $53M in Funding


Outrider, a Golden, Colo.-based solution focused on autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, raised $53m in funding.

The seed and series A funding rounds were led by NEA and 8VC, respectively. The company is also backed by Koch Disruptive Technologies, Fraser McCombs Capital, Prologis, Inc., Schematic Ventures, Loup Ventures, GOOSE Society of Texas, and others.

Led by Andrew Smith, founder and CEO, Outrider automates the repetitive, manual aspects of yard operations, including moving trailers around the yard, moving trailers to and from loading docks, hitching and unhitching trailers, connecting and disconnecting trailer brake lines, and monitoring trailer locations. The company an integrated, three-part system, including management software, autonomous zero-emission yard trucks that feature vision-based robotics, and site infrastructure. The system integrates with existing supply chain software used by large enterprises.

Today, Outrider is demonstrating its solution through pilot programs with Georgia-Pacific and four Fortune 200 companies in designated sections of their distribution yards. The company has more than 75 employees including 50 engineers solely focused on distribution yard automation.



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