How Technology Helps Students Write Academic Papers


Writing a lot of essays, research projects, book analyses, etc. is one of the main adversities that students face during their college and university lives. However, one should acknowledge that nowadays things have changed, and writing any paper is a task that is much simpler for a modern student. When our parents and grandparents went to college they did not get any help from technological devices, specially designed software, etc. Everything they had at their disposal was the university’s library and the wits of their minds. This article will tell you how modern students fight with their main nemesis – the need for writing academic projects, research papers, and essays – with the help of contemporary technologies.

This is not Writing but Organizing

As you already know, this article was meant to tell you about how modern students cope with the tall order of academic writing with the help of technology. Still, it cannot be rejected that nowadays, this is the technology that copes with papers, research projects, assignments, etc. with the help of students. Everything a modern student has to do is to put together the information compiled and selected for him or her by the specially coded software. As a matter of fact, it is not even necessary that modern students will have to actually type their papers, they can simply dictate them, and the computer or a smartphone will type them down using the voice recognition mechanism.

The number of topics that modern students embark on learning is limitless. What is more, the neoteric tendencies of higher education set the new rules for the creation of curricula at universities and colleges from all over the country. Nowadays, the horizons are widened, and the student who studies informational technologies can be easily assigned with an essay on civil rights movement. Regardless of how complicated he or she might find it from a purely educational point of view, the technological part of the process will not become a burden for the students of today. Of course, it is tough to deal with the immense volume of writing tasks, but the generation of young people, probably, does not comprehend how hard it was to actually write and not type research papers, when a single orthographic mistake meant that the entire page has had to be rewritten.

In order for you to get a grasp on the idea of how an average modern student deals with an academic writing assignment, there is a need to describe the very process. As soon as a student is being assigned to an academic writing task, he or she will start searching for information on the Internet. That is, a search engine will save the student at least four to five hours that he or she would have had to spend in the library. Then, all the information selected can be processed easily with the help of the keywords finder. Moving on, the student would only have to compile the essay, check it on grammar and plagiarism-checking software and submit it. Oh, one more thing, modern technological solutions allow the students to come up with references and citations of any source used in a glimpse of an eye. Thus, instead of spending at least one week for writing a two-pager, a modern student can come up with the assignment within the matter of one day.

Using Apps is the Answer

When someone questions the propriety of using technology for the sake of enhancing one’s learning experience, there is a need for explaining one single fact: artificial intelligence is much faster than humans at processing, selecting, and synthesizing information. As has been already mentioned, modern students use a lot of apps that are available for download on any software platform that simplify the life of a student significantly.

For example, imagine that you face the need for adding one page to your essay in order to pass with the flying colors. The professor told you that you have to submit it in one hour, but your laptop is at home, and you are on the campus. What is more, your smartphone’s keyboard is too small and uncomfortable to type swiftly. What would you do? Of course, you will open the document on one of the cloud-based services and turn on the voice recognition service. AI will simply listen to the words that you dictate and will write them down for you.

Furthermore, there is a whole bunch of useful apps which modern students can use for even staying update on what has already been done and what still needs to be done. Sometimes, modern students face such an overwhelming volume of writing assignments to be submitted that they can simply forget about some of them. Still, the IT industry has taken proper care of those who strive for knowledge and supplied with special planning apps that will remind them of what and when needs to be done.

Being a student today is without a single shred of doubt a hard task to cope with. However, the number of loopholes presented to the students of today by the world of technological solutions is as unbelievable as the number of tough tasks they have to come up with. Fancy reading more about how technology can improve one’s learning experiences and deal with complicated essay assignment? Read more in this article.

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