Moiin Launches $100M Silicon Valley-Based Venture Capital Fund

MoiinMoiin, Inc., a Seoul, South Korea-based VR hardware company working to build a fully immersive world, is launching a $100m Silicon Valley-based, venture capital fund.

The new vehicle, VR Development VC, aims to grow VR gaming globally enabling smaller developers to seek funding for their initiatives. The team plans to seek investment opportunities globally to drive global VR development forward to help usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution of a fully immersive VR world.

It will be led by Mr. Jae Yoon Ok, CEO of Moiin and Oasis City, Inc, who was joined by advisors:
– Mr. Eric Schiermeyer, former CTO of Myspace and co-founder of mobile gaming giant Zynga,
– Mr. Jason Brink, winner of the 2014 GDN/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation prize for his ecosystem proposals to solve problems endemic to foreign aid, and
– Mrs. Haley Kim.

Moiin is a VR hardware company which is leading the construction of Oasis City, the world’s first fully immersive VR ecosystem. Its first mass consumer product, the FBG suits and gloves, will be available for sale in 2020.

Mr. Jae Yoon Ok is a VR pioneer with over a decade of experience building immersive VR equipment.



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