Cell Vault Raises $1M in Early Funding

Cell VaultCell Vault, a Daytona Beach, FL-based t-cell bank, raised $1m in initial funding.

Backers included Silicon Valley investors.

The company offers t-cell banking for individuals as a tool in the fight against cancer.

Led by founder Kevin Kirk, Cell Vault is giving people the ability to preserve and bank healthy, strong t-cells for future cancer treatment,” says
The technology, developed from the same technology used to freeze eggs and bank cord blood, lets people preserve the strongest version of their blood cells with a simple blood draw. The purpose of the banking process is to ensure some of the strongest and most viable cells are available as a resource for future cancer treatment, should it ever be necessary.

Clients can order a kit online, schedule an in-home or in-office blood draw, a mobile phlebotomist completes the draw and sends the collected sample to the Cell Vault lab. The sample is then processed, frozen using liquid nitrogen, and stored in perpetuity. To ensure the best outcomes for clients, the company has partnered with some of the nation’s top CAR-T therapy doctors, the country’s largest mobile phlebotomy company, and the USA’s leading FDA-registered and CLIA certified lab.



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