SymphonyAI Group Acquires Azima Global

SymphonyAI - LogoSymphonyAI Group, a Los Altos, California-based provider of machine condition monitoring, diagnostic and analytic solutions that maximize industrial productivity on a global scale, acquired Azima Global, a Boston, Massachusetts-based provider of machine condition monitoring and asset reliability solutions across several industrial verticals.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, Chairman, SymphonyAI is building a group of companies that use artificial intelligence to transform business enterprises across several markets, including the industrial, retail, consumer, healthcare, financial services, and media sectors.
At the core of this is its artificial intelligence platform, eurekaAI, which drives actionable insights by applying machine learning to large datasets, and on which SymphonyAI has already been developing applications focused on industrial predictive maintenance and process optimization.

Led by Burt Hurlock, CEO, Azima Global has built a suite of cloud-based machine diagnostic and analytic solutions, supported by a team of deep domain experts, that together deliver accurate and visibility into the condition of industrial assets at scale.
Over the past decade, the company has been providing these solutions to companies in the oil & gas, chemicals, food manufacturing and other industries.

In joining the SymphonyAI Group of companies, Azima Global, renamed Symphony AzimaAI, will develop products that
(i) leverage one of the largest dynamic mechanical fault mode datasets and
(ii) combine automated machine condition diagnostic data and plant-level process data, to deliver enterprise-level AI-driven predictive asset health and performance management solutions.



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