Skribble Raises Seven-Figure Funding

Skribble, a Zurich, Switzerland- and Karlsruhe, Germany-based company enabling users to sign legally binding contacts digitally, secured €1m in funding.

Backers included btov Digital Tech fund, Myke Näf and Gian Reto á Porta.

The capital will be used to expand the company’s e-signing solution.

Founded in March 2018, Skribble is a provider of solutions which enable electronic documents to be signed simply and legally.
The basis is the “qualified electronic signature” (QES) – a form of electronic signature equivalent to a handwritten signature before the law.
Existing customers include the Canton of Fribourg.
Skribble has a team of 14 including:
– Philipp Dick, CEO & Co-Founder
– Michel Fernandez, CXD & Co-Founder
– Roni Oeschger, CTO & Co-Founder
– Waldemar Dick, CSO & Co-Founder
– David Fürsinger, CXE & Co-Founder



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