Lingxi AR Raises A+ Funding Round

Lingxi AR optical waveguide glassesLingxi AR, a Beijing, China-based manufacturer of AR optical waveguide module, raised a financing of tens of millions yuan from A+ round.

The round was led by Sunny V Fund and followed by Zhongguancun Development Group.

This round of financing will allow the company to improve the technology of optical waveguide modules and secure capacity for the mainstream AR glasses market.

Since its founding four years ago, Lingxi has been committed to the optical waveguide display technology of AR glasses. Today it owns an AR optical waveguide module that is thinner than ordinary myopic lenses and weighs only 12g as blessed with the 10,000-level mass production capacity of ultra-small optical waveguide module to date.

The company is led by Yu Zheng, CEO.



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