Loud Capital Launches Legacy Entertainment Ventures

LOUD Capital Launches Legacy Entertainment Ventures for Musicians, eSports, InfluencersLoud Capital, a Columbus, Ohio-based alternative investment venture capital firm, has launched a company providing venture-focused services to “celebrities” in the music, eSports, and influencer markets.

Legacy Entertainment Ventures focuses on leveraging celebrity brands to maximize investments and market impact. It will build private-label venture funds surrounding a celebrity’s name and brand. These funds will focus on the passions and interests that define ­the client partner’s legacy.
While funds will require direct client partner capital, additional investors such as institutional investors and Loud’s nationwide network of limited partners will have the ability to contribute to celebrity funds.
This structure will allow professional investors to buy in to their favorite celebrity brands.

Brian Penick, a serial entrepreneur and former professional musician, will be the managing partner for Legacy Entertainment Ventures out of its recently opened New York office.
Penick is also the chief marketing officer of LOUD Capital.

Legacy Entertainment Ventures will be curating content and events which help tomorrow’s celebrities understand how to start planning for their own legacy.



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