Nico Closes $12.5M Funding Round

NICO CorporationNico Corporation, an Indianapolis-based medical device maker, closed $12.5m in funding.

The company, which since founding has raised $49.5m, intends to use the capital for:

  • new product development and commercialization,
  • additional clinical studies in tissue collection and biological preservation for personalized medicine research initiatives, sales and clinical team growth, and
  • geographic expansion (initially within Europe).

Led by Jim Pearson, president and CEO, Nico Corporation develops technology for the field of corridor surgery, including cranial, ENT, spinal and otolaryngology, where access to the surgical site is limited. The company’s FDA-cleared BrainPath® and Myriad® technologies address both primary and secondary tumors, as well as hemorrhagic stroke. Nico currently has a presence in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and Australia.



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