Managing Software To Help Your Business: A Guide

codingGitHub has released its Licensed tool. It’s a Ruby gem that works by checking the status of license dependencies made in GitHub repos.

With Licensed, GitHub users, coders, and engineers can find potential issues with software dependencies earlier in the development cycle. For developers, this reduces time debugging projects and ensures that their code belongs to them.

Applications like these are made to help with software license management. And with this guide, we’ll explain why its an important aspect for your company’s development. By having software license management tools, you’ll find it easier to use your company’s resources without causing problems with the budget.

Who Needs Software License Management?

Every organization that uses computers will need some sort of software license management tool. Software isn’t just editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop. It includes using your operating system (Such as MacOS and Windows) or programs such as Microsoft Word. Even apps that are on your phone are considered to be software.

Since virtually every business uses software, and software asset management can benefit companies of all sizes and levels of business experience. No matter the size of the organization, managing multiple software licenses will save you a lot of money. For instance, why continue paying for a monthly subscription for software that’s been replaced.


When using software license management tools, you’ll start reducing software costs. These costs can be removed both continually and immediately over a long period. This is also the easiest way to tell your upper management to create a good software asset management system, by showing the significant savings that can occur.

By using a software audit during the start of the process, you can match your organization’s actual use with the number of licenses purchased. This will show a cost saving to your company as you take out the old apps and software that no longer needs to be installed.

In the long term, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on extra applications. For instance, your organization can stop paying monthly fees for apps that were previously uninstalled. By getting the organization’s staff on board with this process, you won’t have to buy extra programs or software from getting on your network.

By keeping strict rules on your software, your organization will be rest assured knowing that you’re not using licensed software. When you remove software because your previous employee has no need for it, you can give the license to other employees instead of buying the product.


When looking for software, you have to make sure that your organization fully complies with their license policies. Doing so protects you from losing money, failed app deployments, and keeps your company afloat. So think about using software license management tools the next time you add new software into your IT network!

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