SEO & Marketing Facts You Should Know

seoOne of the most significant and important markets in America right now is marketing. Catering to a generation that is hooked on the internet, their phones, constantly browsing, and enjoying the instant gratification of e-commerce might seem easy, but brands have to have insights into who they cater to and how. They also have to keep up with constant updates in technology and strategy.

Marketing relies on creativity to stay ahead of the competition. There are some little-known facts about SEO and marketing strategy that may surprise you.

SERP and the Top Five

SERP, which stands for Search Engine Results Page, is the analytic procedure meant to find the top web pages that utilize a specific keyword or topic. In short, it is the process of analyzing search results. The key to marketing success is in the SERPs, and the proof is in the numbers: the top 5 search results on the SERPs get 75% of the users clicks, meaning if you’ve made it to the top five, you’re golden.

Ask Google

We’re so used to information at our fingertips. When we can’t remember something, we always have Google to help us out. According to reports, 131 billion searches are conducted monthly, worldwide.

Google’s Got it All

It’s hard to compete with Google, seeing as they have 65-70% of the search engine market share.

You’ve Got Mail

While social media, blogs or online shopping may seem like what we spend the brunt of our time on the internet doing, search and email are actually the top two internet activities.

Can You Hand Me My Phone?

Apparently, most searches come from mobiles or at least start there– 50% to be exact. It is projected to increase in the coming years.

What’s the Title?

Although content writers break their fingers trying to get the best and most concise information into copy, studies show that page titles are actually the most important on-page element (though content is a close second). Because of such frequent searches, users have to put emphasis on how their title works with SEO and if it will catch the audience’s attention.

Superior Social

Google not only has a monopoly over searches, but also social, with Google+ being the highest social factor for SEO ranking.

Blogs Mean Business

Starting a blog could be your best decision yet as a business owner, with statistics showing that 81% of businesses count their blogs as an important asset.

On-Page vs. Off-Page

While it may seem like on-page SEO is doing most of the work, in actuality off-page SEO accounts for 75% of its overall function.

Don’t Forget the Content!

Content creation is a fundamental part of SEO, an agency called HQ SEO would agree that 72% of online marketers say that content creation is their most lucrative and effective SEO tactic.

If you’re in marketing, thinking of starting a business, or simply want to be in the know about SEO and SEO pricing, you’ll need these statistics in the long run.

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