Biotech Startup PlantArcBio Closes $3M Funding

PlantArcBio Ltd., a Givat Chen, Israel-based biotechnology startup for the improvement of crop yield, completed a $3m funding round.

Backers included private investors and Israel Innovation Authority grants.

Led by Dr. Dror Shalitin, Founder and CEO, PlantArcBio is a biotechnology company working for the improvement of crop productivity and performance for global food security via an innovative Direct In Plant (DIP™) gene discovery platform. The company works to improve seed traits for both conventional and biotech applications focusing on four key market segments:
– yield and abiotic stresses (environmental stresses);
– insect resistance;
– herbicide tolerance; and
– disease control.

PlantArcBio signed an agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, under which genes that improve drought tolerance will be tested by the university’s scientists in soybean greenhouses and fields in the United States. The genes were discovered by the company using its patented platform.



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