Smart Parental Control Startup FaceMetrics Raises $2M

FaceMetrics, a smart parental control startup, raised $2m in funding.

Backers included Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital.

Led by Mikhail Boyko, CEO, FaceMetrics is a startup that recently launched a parental control app, which leverages AI and proprietary computer vision technology to report kids’ activity on smartphones and electronic devices to parents. FaceMetrics gamifies the control of kids’ screen time and through the app parents can limit the time kids spend playing games and exchange that time for reading or study time.

While other parental apps offer scheduling, location-tracking, social activity monitoring, and call-tracking, FaceMetrics combines these features in one platform in a user-friendly way and adds tracking on the device camera. The app allows parents to track a number of parameters to, for example, determine the distance between the screen and the face and measure engagement.

It is available in Russian and English and will launch this summer. The app will be free to use in Belarus and will be available through a subscription in other countries.



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