Sensulin Raises Undisclosed Series B Funding Round

Sensulin, an Oklahoma City, Ok-based biotechnology company, raised an undisclosed Series B funding round.

A group of physician and investor members of AngelMD participated in the round.

The company intends to use the funds to conduct first-in-human studies.

Led by Mike Moradi, CEO, Sensulin develops a glucose-responsive insulin to treat both Type 1 and 2 diabetes. The company’s Agglomerated Vesicle Technology (AVT) makes the insulin stimulus-responsive, meaning that the amount of insulin released is proportional to a patient’s blood sugar.
Though Sensulin is focused on developing its insulin product, AVT is first and foremost a drug delivery system, and is not specific to insulin. The tech uses a series of liposomes which are “glued together” by a molecule that responds to a specific stimulus. This can be used to encapsulate various drugs triggered by various stimuli (inflammation, low blood oxygen, etc.), providing the opportunity for future innovative treatments.
The technology has been proven to work as an injectable or inhalable formulation.




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