Speedinvest Launches €50M Micro Venture Capital Fund

European venture capital firm Speedinvest has launched a new Micro VC fund and completed the first closing at over €20m.

Speedinvest x focuses on early-stage (pre-seed, seed and early Series A) investments ranging from €100k to €1m in European and — occasionally — North American entrepreneurs who are
a) building the platforms and marketplace businesses of tomorrow, and
b) the technologies that enable them.

The fund is completely sector-agnostic and invests into businesses of any type, be it B2B, B2C, B2D or C2C.

The final closing, which should bring the total fund size to €25m, is expected to happen in the first half of 2018. These funds will be invested into the next generation of European and North American marketplace-founders over the coming 3–4 years, matched 1:1 and hence doubled (to up to €50m) by the existing Speedinvest funds that will co-invest alongside Speedinvest x by mirroring its individual investments deal-by-deal.

One of the first investments of Speedinvest x is London-based Stowga, a B2B-marketplace for warehousing and related services.

The team of 7 is an integral part of the overall Speedinvest team (totaling over 40 people). Currently, people involved are.
– Dan Hoffer, Partner at Speedinvest x based in San Francisco
– Gregor Kury, Analyst at Speedinvest x based in Vienna
– Isabel Russ, Associate at Speedinvest x based in Vienna & Berlin
– Jeroen Arts, Principal at Speedinvest x based in Berlin
– Philip Specht, Associate at Speedinvest x based in Vienna
– Mathias Ockenfels, Partner at Speedinvest x based in Berlin
– Michael Schuster, Partner at Speedinvest based in Vienna

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