Braviant Raises $5M in Equity Funding

Braviant Holdings, a Chicago, IL-based fintech startup that uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology to make smarter lending decisions, raised $5m in common equity funding.

Loom Capital, LLC, made the investment. In addition to the investment from Loom, one of Braviant’s early investors has converted a $2m note to equity. The company also has the option to raise up to an additional $10m at the same price per unit as Loom during a 60-day tail period.
Alongside the equity investment, Braviant has entered into an exclusive partnership with a subsidiary of Trend Capital, a tech-enabled digital marketing platform affiliated with Loom.

Led by Matt Martorello, Founder and Chairman, and Stephanie Klein, CEO, Braviant provides pre-approved direct mail offers of credit for underbanked consumers. Its suite of financial products include Balance Credit and Chorus Credit.
Through the new partnership with Trend, the company will further diversify its customer acquisition channels.



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