Anagog Holds Initial close of Series B Financing

Anagog Ltd., a Tel Aviv, Israel-based developer of the mobility status AI engine and big data analytics solutions, held the initial closing phase of its Series-B round of financing.

The round is being co-led by Daimler AG and Mizmaa Ventures.

Established by Gil Levy and Yaron Aizenbud and led by Ofer Tziperman, CEO, Anagog analyzes multiple on-handset sensor signals to provide an accurate view of real-time and predictive mobility status for the handset’s owner – combined with ultra-low power consumption.
On-handset analysis and contextual data can be used to enhance the user’s experience with rich contextual services and more personalized and engaging tools.

Anagog’s technology is implemented in over 20 million handsets globally, through 100 mobile services in different domains.



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