Vdoo Raises $13M in Initial Funding

Vdoo, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based cybersecurity company focused on securing the Internet of Things (IoT), raised $13M in initial funding.

The round was led by 83North (formerly Greylock IL) with participation from Dell Technology Capital and other strategic individual investors, including David Strohm, Joe Tucci, and Victor Tsao.

The company intends to use the funds to develop and commercialize its IoT security platform.

Founded by Co-CEOs Netanel Davidi and Uri Alter, who previously founded Cyvera, a company that developed innovative endpoint security solutions, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2014, and cyber security researcher Asaf Karas, Vdoo is advancing an IoT security platform which provides an automated, end-to-end process that analyzes devices, delivers the right security requirements and implementation guidance based on that analysis, and provides security certification for a full range of connected devices.
The solution performs a security gap analysis on IoT devices, against the specific security requirements for each device type, and provides a detailed recommended plan of action to fill security gaps. Once security features have been implemented, Vdoo validates that security requirements have been met and provides physical and digital certifications.
The on-device digital certification agent monitors the security state of the device and communicates it to other systems such as gateways, firewalls, and edge solutions; which provides post-deployment security, ensuring the device is not being compromised.

Vdoo is currently working with design partners on its initial release. An early beta program will be available to a broader group of beta customers in June 2018.



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