Univercells Receives €2.4M Grant

Univercells, a Gosselies, Belgium based technology company dedicated to delivering innovative and cost-effective biomanufacturing solutions, has received a €2.4M grant.

The Walloon Region provided the grant.

The company will use the funding to develop its antibody production platform.

Univercells’ new program will focus on designing the next generation of production technologies, drastically reducing manufacturing costs while delivering large quantities, answering the growing demand for antibodies. The resulting low-footprint high-capacity production units are more affordable to build and operate, improving worldwide access to high-quality biologics.

Founded in 2013 by experienced entrepreneurs Hugues Bultot, CEO, and José Castillo, CTO, Univercells is a technology company offering novel biomanufacturing platforms, aimed at increasing the availability and affordability of biologics – recombinant proteins and vaccines – for all. The company designs innovative production processes to significantly decrease the size of the necessary equipment and facility, for a lower capital and operational cost.



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