Sync-Think Secures $3.5M in Series A-1 Funding

Sync-Think Inc., a Palo Alto, California-based developer of eye-tracking technology products, secured $3.5m in Series A-1 funding.

The round was led by Quadrant Management, Inc.

The company expects to utilize the proceeds from the offering to further develop applications related to EYE-SYNC technology.

Led by CEO Ernest Santin, Sync-Think has developed eye-tracking technology products, now in VR headsets, that give medical professionals objective metrics to evaluate brain function.
The EYE-SYNC technology, which received FDA clearance in 2016 to record, view, and analyze eye movements in support of visual tracking impairments, is a comprehensive and objective assessment tool that features ocular-motor, ocular-vestibular, SCAT 5, and BESS assessments to examine the full spectrum of brain health in a rapid format.
EYE-SYNC is used by university athletic departments and medical clinics, from Stanford University to Massachusetts General Hospital.



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