Sagoon Raises $4.8M in Funding

Sagoon, a Washington, DC-based social commerce platform, raised $4.8M in funding.

Of the $4.8M raised, $3.3M was secured through more than 3,000 investors within the Regulation A+ offering. The other $1.5M was secured through private funding.

First launched as a search engine in 2009, Sagoon is an early-stage social commerce platform that gives users a chance to make money while socializing.
The company has also announced the public availability of its mobile app within the Google Play Store. As of today, the company’s 1.1M+ web platform users will have access to their Sagoon accounts through the mobile app, allowing them to continue engaging with family and friends from their preferred Android device.

The company is led by Govinda Giri, founder and CEO.



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