Halo Neuroscience Raises $13M in Series B Funding

Halo Neuroscience, a San Francisco, CA-based maker of a neurostimulation headset that accelerates the acquisition of muscle memory from athletic training, secured $13M in Series B funding.

The round was led by TPG with additional funding from existing investor Lux Capital, JAZZ Venture Partners, and Xfund. In conjunction with the funding, Heath Lukatch Ph.D. of TPG, has joined the Halo Neuroscience board along with Peter Gotcher. Gotcher, who has joined the Halo board as Executive Chairman, has served on multiple boards of technology companies including Dolby Labs, GoPro, Pandora, and Jaunt VR.

Founded in 2013 and led by co-founder Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience launched its flagship product, Halo Sport, in 2016, to deliver targeted neurostimulation to the motor cortex, the part of the brain that controls movement. A twenty minute neuropriming session induces a temporary state of hyperplasticity, or “hyperlearning,” where neural pathways from the motor cortex to the muscles are optimized and strengthened.
Organizations like the San Francisco Giants, US Olympic Ski Team, and U.S. Special Operations Forces are currently using Halo Sport to accelerate the rate at which they learn from movement training.



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