Springworks Secures $1.6M in Funding

Springworks, a Lisbone, Maine-based aquaponic farm growing fresh, organically-certified lettuce, secured $1.6M in funding.

The backers were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the capital to finance the creation and operation of a second designed greenhouse.

Founded by Trevor Kenkel, Springworks is an aquaponic farm that produces organically-grown lettuce for its local restaurant and retail customers. The company also manufactures the Springworks “Microfarm”, an aquarium-adapted resource for homes and schools that turns a ten-gallon fish tank into a living model of the natural world, producing fresh herbs, year round.

The three-year old company’s current 6,000 sq ft greenhouse will be complemented by the new 8,000 sq ft facility, which is scheduled to be fully operational by summer of 2018. The farm leverages the natural symbiotic relationship between its crops and the tilapia housed in tanks positioned next to the greenhouse. The waste from the fish provides an organic source of fertilizer for the plants, that, in turn, filters the water returned to the fish.



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