How to Extend The Life Of Your Linear Actuator

Linear actuators help produce motion in an object. Technically, they do not produce motion, but only convert what is there into linear motion to get things working.

Since a number of machines require linear motion to work smoothly, hence linear actuators can be found in many machines that you see or use everyday.

While good quality actuators have a long life, they are still prone to damage and must be taken care of. If you do not want to spend money on repairs or replacements, then you must take a step and keep actuators in a good condition.

Linear actuators need to be checked and maintained regularly if you wish to extend their life.

Here are some tips that will help you do so:

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks
A lot of people stop checking on the actuator once they’ve installed it. This can turn out to be troublesome in the future.

If you wish for your actuator to work like a charm and for longer periods of time then make sure to keep an eye out on the motions that it produces and see if there are any changes.

Secondly, keep an eye on the overall performance too. It’s a given that performance would deteriorate with time, but if it slips too quickly then it is a red signal.
In such a situation, you will need to find and fix the problem before it gets worse and cost you a lot.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Specifications
Many people make the mistake of not following the specifications given in the manual of a product.

Installing and keeping your actuator without help can be disastrous. It can damage your product and even decrease its lifespan.

Here’s how you should proceed once you buy an actuator:

  • Mount According To The Specs: Every actuator that you buy, comes with a manual and has all the specs that you need to follow.
    First, look for mounting options. It should be noted that different actuators require different mounting systems which is why referring to a manual is your best bet here.
    Purchase a suitable mounting bracket and make sure that you mount it by following the steps correctly and refrain from doing it all by yourself, that is, without the manual.
  • Don’t Exceed The Duty Cycle Limit: The percentage of time that an actuator operates relative to the total time is called duty cycle.
    For instance, if your actuator’s running time is around 20 seconds/pm then the duty cycle for that actuator will be 33%.
    If you let the actuator exceed this limit then you’re shortening the actuator’s life.
    Make sure you don’t let this limit cross.

Seek Help
If you do not know anything or have any confusion, then seek help from a professional who has thorough knowledge about machines or actuators.

Make sure that you follow these tips if you want your actuator to operate for longer. If you choose high quality products, then they will last long. Check here for some good options.


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