Smart Reporting Receives EU Funding

Smart Reporting, a Munich, Germany-based IT-health startup, has received millions from “Eurostars“, a joint program between Eureka and the European Commission.

The company will use the funds to continue to advance ImageREPORT, a software project that combines intelligent image recognition for the evaluation of medical imaging with semiautomated structured reporting, aimed at improving radiological care by linking image analysis and structured reporting.
For the project, Smart Reporting has partnered up with Thirona, a Dutch company focusing on the development of automated medical image analysis, and the Dutch Radboud university medical center in the city of Nijmegen.

ImageREPORT is based on two components:
– a machine learning-based system for image analysis and
– an intelligent software for structured reporting that processes results for medical reports and eases the writing of such.
In the first step X-ray and CT images are analyzed automatically using deep learning-based, computer-aided detection (CAD) algorithms. These algorithms – unlike the human eye – can detect the most inconspicuous anomalies.
In a second step image analysis results are fed into the reporting software, which guides the radiologist using a step-by-step approach through the entire report.



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