Lucyd Launches ICO to Advance Smartglasses For Everyone

Lucyd, an AR startup that is developing practical smartglasses for everyone, is launching its Initial Coin Offering. 

According to Greenlight Insights, the world AR market is expected to reach $36.4b by 2023. With a foundation of 13 exclusive AR patents, developed over a decade of funded research at the College of Optics and Photonics at UCF, and a global team of AR experts, Lucyd aims to take the opportunity to get involved in this rapidly emerging sector by delivering the first user-friendly smartglasses.

The company’s patents enable thin microdisplays for a richly textured, dynamically layered HD AR experience, this representing an upgrade in comparison to existing smartglasses that use an external display and have grainy AR objects.

In addition, Lucyd Lens can be fitted with prescription lenses, and looks like a normal pair of glasses. An advanced patent for real-world object detection allows Lucyd’s AR interface to smoothly combine blockchain powered digital content with the real world.

A dynamically adapting user interface automatically adjusts to the task at hand, built in bone-conduction speakers, light leakage prevention and a up to 120° EFV (enhanced field of view) over 3X larger than existing AR displays. To stay light, at the beginning, Lucyd Lens will connect to a smartphone for processing power and data signal. But in the long term, the company’s goal is to replace the phone, actually.

In compliance with financial regulations and transparency in operations, the company is launching an ICO to fund current hardware development, organically reward user and developer engagement, and power in-Lens transactions via the the LCD token, the first AR-based cryptocurrency. LCD will be able to be used to purchase native apps and hardware from the proposed Lucyd Lab storefront accessible via the smartglasses, as well as to get rewards for Lucyd-compatible apps in such existing ecosystems as Google Play. Finally, LCD will reward software developers who make native or compatible apps for Lucyd.

To encourage people to join the token sale, the company will reserve the first ever pairs of Lucyd Lens at a serious discount to the first 500 crowdfund contributors over $1,200 US/4 ETH at All Lucyd products will be available via both fiat and LCD. Unsold tokens will be burned.

As the foundation of the Lucyd world, the LCD token & blockchain will enable instant peer-to-peer transactions with other Lens wearers and in-Lens points of sale, and free the experience from old financial institutions.




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