Blackmoon Financial Launches Blockchain-Based Platform for Tokenized Investment Funds

Blackmoon Financial Group, a New York, NY-based financial technology and investment management company, has launched Blackmoon Crypto Platform, a blockchain-based platform for tokenized vehicles.

The Blackmoon Crypto Platform allows asset managers to create, promote, develop, and manage legally compliant investment funds while covering all the aspects from technology and infrastructure, to legal framework and corporate structuring.
Any experienced and approved investment manager will be able to create a fund based on the platform.

Blackmoon Crypto, the holding company, is responsible for IT, compliance, licensing, and banks partnerships. It also issues the main tokens of the Blackmoon Crypto Platform. The platform and its tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Led by CEO Oleg Seydak (entrepreneur and financial technology investor) and Ilya Perekopsky (entrepreneur, IT angel investor and former VP and COO of VK, the largest social network in the Eastern Europe), Blackmoon Financial Group is a financial technology and investment management company that has been operational since August 2014. The Blackmoon Lending Marketplace now operates in 9 countries and exceeded $100M in deals volume, while reaching $13M in monthly volumes.
The company has 19 full time employees, with offices in Moscow, Limassol and New York and attracted $3.5m in venture capital investments since 2015.



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