Venture Capital Firm Draper Esprit Raises Further £160M

Draper Esprit (AIM: GROW, ESM: GRW), a London, UK-based venture capital firm involved in the creation, funding and development of digital technology businesses across Europe, raised a further £160m.

Strategic shareholders include Woodford Investment Manageement, Baillie Gifford and Invesco Perpetual.

The money will be invested in businesses across hardware, digital health, SaaS and consumer technology at series A and B and beyond across approximately one year.
Since its IPO in June 2016, the firm has backed Graze, Trustpilot, Clue, Graphcore, Push Doctor and Perkbox, etc.

The investment team of Draper includes Simon Cook, Stuart Chapman, Brian Caulfield, Jonathan Sibilia, Nicola McClafferty, Richard Marsh, Vinoth Jayakumar, Philip O’Reilly and Diana Kranz.



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