Noble Four Secures $150M From Kanglim Co.

NFPNoble Four Partners (NFP), an established investor and operator based in New York, today announced a separate account equity commitment from Kanglim Co., Ltd (Kanglim), an operating company based in Seoul, South Korea for $150 million, resulting in total estimated acquisition capacity of $500m.

will pursue an investment strategy focused on North American based industrial and manufacturing control investments. Kanglim seeks to make a series of arms-length investments with NFP, which will allow for U.S. centric direct ownership, operational oversight and in-market experience.

These investments will provide the basis for Kanglim’s senior management and leadership team to both observe and participate in operations at the ownership and board level, while still allowing for existing management teams to retain direct operational control and flexibility.
NFP expects to build sector specific platforms over several years with a focus on creating long-term value through partnering with exceptional management teams.

NFP is currently evaluating investment opportunities under this new mandate. Kanglim, an industrial manufacturer that is controlled by Callas Holdings, which is a private holding company that owns and operates a broad range of industrial companies based in South Korea, and its shareholders, have access to additional capital for this effort and the company will lend technical, manufacturing, and Asia specific market assistance.
Current KOSDAQ listed equity positions held by Callas include Kanglim Co., Ltd., SBW, Inc., and Nanos Co., Ltd.



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