Crunchbase Secures $18m in Series B Funding

Crunchbase, a San Francisco, CA-based business information platform, secured $18m in Series B funding.

The round was led by Mayfield.

The company will use the funds to grow its team and to drive product development that will expand its solutions as well as the breadth and depth of its data.

Led by CEO Jager McConnell, Crunchbase is business information platform built on a data gathering approach that leverages information from contributors, a large partner network, and in-house content teams.
The company provides basic access to Crunchbase for free while offering a range of premium data-driven solutions, including Crunchbase Pro, Crunchbase Platform, and the newest offering, Crunchbase Enterprise, which is designed to help prioritize sales efforts and identify key buy signals in the market, enabling businesses to leverage more than five million annual updates to its dataset.

Crunchbase already works with more than 5,000 global customers, including Affinity, Datafox, Datanyze, Deloitte, Engagio, Everstring, Infer, Microsoft, Nestle, Samsung, Slack, Target, Volkswagen, and IBM Watson.



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