Caicloud Raises $6M in Series A Funding

Caicloud, a Shangai, China-based startup that provides Kubernetes-based cluster management service and enterprise deep learning solutions, raised $6m in Series A funding.

The round was led by Matrix Partners China with participation from Cybernaut.

Led by Xin Zhang, co-founder and CEO, Caicloud has launched its latest Kubernetes-based Cluster-as-a-Service product (ClaaS 2.0) which adds more cluster management features including security management, DevOps capabilities, application orchestration, and troubleshooting intelligence to its ClaaS 1.0, launched in Dec. 2015. The first release is integrated with public clouds in China and with on-premise infrastructures such as VMware, OpenStack, or bare-mental providing enterprise k8s distribution to multiple Fortune 500 companies.
By leveraging the computing framework provided by Kubernetes, the company also released the first “TensorFlow-as-a-Service” (TaaS) 1.1 running on top of ClaaS, forming a complete “Cloud + AI” solutions for enterprises. The complete ClaaS+TaaS solution enables automatic anomaly detection, autonomous service lifecycle management, data-driven troubleshooting, and multiple industry- specific fast AI solutions such as time-series predication, audio/video classification, etc.

Besides its commercial products, Caicloud includes multiple Kubernetes contributors and maintainers, has open-sourced multiple original Kubernetes plugins and tools, and has open-sourced a Kubernetes-native CI/CD project called Cyclone in Nov. 2016.



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