ADVR Raises $3m in Initial Funding

ADVR, a San Francisco, CA-based discovery marketing engine for virtual and augmented reality applications, raised $3m in initial funding.

Backers were not disclosed.

The company is using the funds to launch its engine.

Led by Arnaud Dazin, co-founder and CEO, My N. Tran, chief product officer, and Steve Ip who heads up strategy and partnerships, ADVR provides a content-marketing platform for creating branded stories or complementary in-world experiences that fit naturally within different realities.
Built on a platform-agnostic delivery model, ADVR allows 3D and 2D content to be modified to deliver the experience on any device and across any VR-enabled world. In addition, the platform provides a full suite of analytics tools and resources that can be used by marketers to modify campaigns across other traditional marketing channels, and by developers to make decisions about design, testing and merchandising.
The solution is delivered via an SDK packed with intelligent monetization and measuring tools that enable users to transform virtual spaces into personalized discovery ecosystems for developers to build the business and brands to exist in thousands of virtual worlds.
The platform can be used to deliver dynamic content, sponsored content, and game mechanics that increase engagement and retention, and actually enhance the experience of gamers and other VR enthusiasts.



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