Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Raises $30M Investment

HTT_logo_black_sHyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., a Playa Vista, CA-based provider of a crowd collaboration platform focused on removing barriers of speed and congestion in transportation, received a $30m investment.

The backer was EdgeWater Investments.

Led by CEO Dirk Ahlborn and Chairman Bibop Gresta, HTT globally crowdsources the launch and development of its business and products. To date, more than 603 individuals including more than 200 professionals from 44 companies in 38 countries have contributed time and resources to developing HTT’s technology, sales, engineering, design and implementation.
contributing companies include Catalyst, an Austrian innovative software developer, and PriestmanGoode, a travel and transport design consultancy.
To date, the company has secured $31.8m in cash investments, $26m in man-hours and services, and land rights that are valued at more than $22 million. An additional $29m of commitments and in-kind investment have also been confirmed by several companies that have joined the team including:
– Carbures Europe SA, a composite manufacturer and supplier for airplane manufacturers worldwide;
– Atkins, a design, engineering and project management consultancies, responsible for projects like the Dubai Metro as well as the Burj Al Arab in the UAE; – Anomaly Communications LLC, a brand and marketing firm;
– Reflekt GMBH, an AR and VR company, involved in the development of HTT’s augmented windows; and
– Leybold GmbH, the inventor of the industrial vacuum pump and part of Atlas Copco group.



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