Radar Raises $6.2M in Series A Funding

Radar, a Portland, Ore.-based provider of incident response management software, raised $6.2m in Series A funding.

Led by Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO and inventor, Radar provides insurance, financial services, healthcare, and third-party services organizations with SaaS-based incident response management platform to assess and respond to security and privacy incidents, reduce risk, and ensure consistency in compliance with data breach laws.
In April 2016, the company introduced a new, patented, first-to-market approach to managing contractual notification obligations and allow clients to simplify compliance with their third-party contracts.

Started as a business unit of ID Experts, Radar has operated as an autonomous software business since 2014. The company’s Board of Directors also includes chairman Kevin Padrick, Rick Miller, and Allen Alley. It has also added Doug Kruger, senior vice president of sales and business development, Dylan Anderson, head of finance, and Alex Wall, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, Senior Counsel and Global Privacy Officer.



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