NOHMs Technologies Raises Series B Venture Capital Funding

nohmsNOHMs Technologies, Inc., a Rochester, N.Y.-based developer of non-flammable electric vehicle (EV) battery technology, raised a Series B venture capital financing of undisclosed amount.

The round was led by Phoenix Venture Partners II LP with participation from Solvay (SOLB.BE), New York State Innovation Venture Capital Fund (NYSIVCF), and angel investors. In conjunction with the funding, Dr. Nobi Kambe of Phoenix Venture Partners, and fellow partner Dr. John Chen, will both be joining NOHMS’ Board of Directors.

The company intends to use the funds to commercialize its technology.

Founded in 2010 and led by Nathan Ball, CEO, and Dr. Surya Moganty, CTO, NOHMs Technologies┬ádevelops electric vehicle battery electrolytes containing functional ionic liquids. The company’s two electrolyte product lines under development for electric vehicle (EV) batteries are:
NanoLyte Electrolyte: SF Series
– Non-flammable electrolyte to improve EV battery durability. This electrolyte is a drop-in replacement for commercial ionic liquids used in PHEV and EV cells.
NanoLyte Electrolyte: HVE Series
– High voltage electrolyte for cell charge voltage above 4.35 V to improve EV battery energy density. This electrolyte is compatible with advanced electrodes that charge between 4.45 V and 4.95 V.

The company is a Cornell University spin-out and located at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY.



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