Nouscom Closes €12M in Series A Funding

nouscomNouscom, a Basel, Switzerland and Rome, Italy-based biotech company, closed €12m in Series A funding.

The round was co-led by LSP and Versant Ventures.

The company will use the funds to conduct activities of discovery and development of personalized cancer vaccines and tumor selective oncolytic viruses.

Led by Riccardo Cortese M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President, Nouscom has developed technology that focuses on viral vectors and oncolytic viruses, which infect and kill tumor cells and stimulate an immune response against cancer cells throughout the body.
The company has two product candidates, the Endovax and Exovax programs.
Endovax an antigenless vaccine, is based on oncolytic viruses capable of infecting and replicating only in cancer cells and causing immunogenic cell death, thereby recruiting T cells at the tumor site and reactivating T cells exhausted in the tumor micro-environment.
Exovax is a personalized patient specific vaccine, based on viral vectors coding for strings of cancer neoantigens to induce and expand cancer and patient specific T cells.

The team also includes Alfredo Nicosia, PhD, Chief Executive officer Italy and co-founder, Elisa Scarselli, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder, Stefano Colloca, MD, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, Antonella Folgori, PhD, Head of Immunology and co-founder, and Cinzia Traboni, PhD, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs and co-founder.



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