Lockbox Secures Financing

trinkkisteLockbox, the Berlin, Germany-based startup operator of beverage delivery service Trinkkiste.de, raised a six-figure funding.

The company is using the funds to expand Trinkkiste.de across Germany with service scheduled to begin in Bremen, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Led by Thomas Kraker von Schwarzenfeld, founder, Trinkkiste.de delivers beverages directly to customer residences. Users have the option to order beverage deliveries on a one-time or on a regular basis and to have the empty bottles collected for a return of their deposit. The customer does not have to be present for delivery appointments. The Lockbox system allows delivery persons to leave each order in a Lockbox set outside the customer’s front door and secured into place with a thin piece of metal that slides under the door.

Although the available products vary from area to area, Trinkkiste now lists more than 2,000 items in its online shop.

The service is currently available in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Hannover, Freiburg and Potsdam.





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