Michigan Angel Fund Invests $2.91M in 2015

In 2015, the Michigan Angel Fund (MAF) made investments totalling $2.91m.

Backed companies during the year included:
– BoostUp, a social savings platform,
– Eco-Fueling, a provider of a dual fuel engine combustion technology based on mixing E85 with diesel being injected into in the combustion chamber of the Diesel engine,
– FoodJunky.com, a platform for businesses to order food online,
– Genomenon, provider of software for clinicians and researchers to better understand patient genomes for diagnosis an discovery,
– Levanto, which allows households to plan, budget, spend, and save by combining mobile tech and data analytics with the personal service of a real financial expert, and
– SkySpecs, a developer of drone technology that can be operated by anyone in the field, and focused on wind turbine inspection with plans to expand to other inspection applications, like cell towers, power transmission, and civil structures.

Established by Ann Arbor SPARK, with administrative support from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, MAF aims to finance early stage companies in Michigan and to attract additional angel investors.
It currently has 100 members and 15 companies in portfolio.



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