Macat Raises $30M in Funding

macatMacat, Washington, DC-based online learning platform, library, and critical thinking tool, raised $30m in financing.

In this round, which has three closings, Macat is adding $10m in equity to a previously raised, undisclosed round of $20m from a group of angel investors.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the reach of its content and scale its digital platform globally.

Founded in 2012 and led by CEO Hassan Abdou, Macat operates a cloud-based html-5, multimedia learning platform, library, and critical thinking tool dedicated to explaining the world’s greatest ideas in the social sciences and humanities and improving problem-solving skills for teenagers and adults of all ages.
Since 2012, the company has been researching, developing and market testing its content and pedagogy with learning institutions in the USA and UK.
The library currently consists of academic analyses of key, seminal works written by active scholars from top universities around the globe. Over 75 analyses and 1,200 original books are currently included in the multimedia platform, which is part library and part educational database.



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